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Unisex Roman Sandals KIT

Unisex Roman Sandals KIT

The kit is suitable for both genders: men and women. It comes in: small, medium and large sizes.

Women small size kit would be equivalent of UK size between 2.5-3 and 3.5-4.

Women medium size would be equivalent of UK size from 4.5-5 up to 6.5-7

Women large size would be equivalent of UK size from 7.5-8 up to 8.5-9.

Men small size would be UK 5.5-6

Men medium size would be UK size from 6.5-7 up to 9.5-10

Medium large size would be from 10.5-11 up to 13.5-14

Please state, when ordering, which UK size you are and we will fit you in one of the above categories.Please select first small, medium or large size, then in the comments advise your UK size.

The Caligae Sandal kit contains everything you need and only requires one seam to be sewn on each sandal:
Leather upper with leather sole glued in the middle (*please note this is not a hard sole)
Ball point needle,
Illustrated instructions.


* If required we also make extra large sizes: from size 11.5 -12 up to 15.5 - 16 men (on soft sole only).

Please note: size are UK sizes.

Note: UK postage £4.50
First Class UK postage £7.00
EU postage £13
Rest of World postage £19

Price: 35.00

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